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Sometimes I got exactly what I was searching for — new recipe ideas, cheaper products, tips or more information — but I also got some surprises. And I had to be careful about exactly how I composed a photo. I found the features a useful alternative to searching via text, but also discovered there’s still room for improvement. Pinterest started beta testing Lens this year, rolling out the tool worldwide for users on iOS and Android who have their mobile device set to English. To find the tool, you tap on the search bar, and then tap on a red and white camera icon. A circle surrounded by white space pops up, and you click on it to snap a photo. Pinterest this month also rolled out a new way to access Lens from the iPhone’s home screen by pressing longer on the Pinterest app. Colorful dots quickly start swirling around. Words describing the object start hovering around the circle followed by a series of visually similar images and ideas.

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